6 May 2020

6 May 2020

American Anthropologist Special Section: Face and Race, edited by Amade M'charek and Katharina Schramm. 

Introduction: Encountering the Face—Unraveling Race, by Amade M'charek and Katharina Schramm 

Tentacular Faces: Race and the Return of the Phenotype in Forensic Identification, by Amade M'charek 

Stuck in the Tearoom: Facial Reconstruction and Postapartheid Headache, by Katharina Schramm

The Face of the Mexican: Race, Nation, and Criminal Identification in Mexico, by Abigail Nieves Delgado

A Colonial‐Scientific Interface: The Construction, Viewing, and Circulation of Faces via a 1906 German Racial Atlas, by Geertje Mak 


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